Syma S107g Reviews

Syma S107
I’m writing this review of the Syma S107G is a 3.5 channel RC helicopter with built in gyro. This RC helicopter is a great choice for beginners like me or kids to learn to fly, with easy controls and built in gyro stabilization. With the gyro stabilization you can learn to fly in a short time.  The flight time on this thing is up to 10 minutes on a charge!  You can charge the helicopter with an included USB cable from the remote control or from a computer USB port or phone charger. The controller takes six AA batteries, which aren’t included for some reason, but that’s to be expected anymore. This helicopter takes the learning curve out of learning to fly.

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The controller that comes with this helicopter has two joystick knobs, one on the left for throttle that moves the helicopter up and down, and the right one moves it forward, backward and turns. It has a built in trim knob to compensate the rotors for stable flight.  The Syma S107g has a metal frame and uses plastic replaceable body parts and rotors. The body parts come in  blue, red and yellow.

All in all, the Syma S107 is a steal at the price. Great for learning to fly or getting others started. This thing can take a beating compared to some of the cheaper helicopters out there, but if it does get wrecked, its not that big of a loss. This will definitely go on the stocking stuffer list around my household!

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Syma S107g RC Helicopter

Greetings all! I’ve set up this web site to share information about Syma S107g helicopters and parts. I have looked for a great priced and fun helicopter to learn to fly, and this one looks like a good choice. I also want to get the kids started in the hobby to spend more time with them! Stay tuned for more about our adventures…